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Cleaning Your Outdoor Fountain

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Incorporating running water into your home's landscape can be a great way to add elegance and prestige to your property. Fountains represent contained water systems that can be placed anywhere on your property. In order to ensure that your outdoor fountain remains a positive focal point in your landscape design, you need to keep the fountain clean.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure the safe and successful cleaning of your outdoor pond fountains in the future.

1. Always eliminate electrical power before cleaning.

Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination. In order to ensure that you remain safe while you clean your outdoor fountain, you should ensure that there is not any electrical power being supplied to the fountain before you begin the cleaning process.

Turn off the circuit that powers your fountain, and unplug the fountain's pump to eliminate the potential for accidental shock. Eliminating electrical power should always be the first step in any fountain-cleaning routine.

2. Use vinegar to clean your fountain's bowl.

Slime, algae buildup, and plant matter can all accumulate on the interior surface of your fountain's bowl over time. You don't want to use a harsh cleaning chemical that could damage the surface of your fountain, so it can be beneficial to reach for some vinegar instead.

Vinegar acts as a natural antibacterial and fungicide to help you remove the slimy green buildup that accumulates inside your fountain's bowl. Dilute some vinegar in a bucket of warm water and use a soft rag to scrub away any slime that is compromising the aesthetic beauty of your fountain.

3. Use a pressure washer to clean tubing.

Most outdoor fountains are closed systems that recycle water through a series of plastic tubes. These tubes can become grimy or clogged over time, but they are also very difficult to clean. In order to ensure that your fountain remains clean and functional, it can be beneficial to use a pressure washer to clean debris or sludge from your fountain's tubing.

The pressurized stream of water will dislodge any debris from the interior surface of the tubing without damaging the plastic.

Knowing how to properly maintain your outdoor fountain will help you keep the fountain from becoming an eyesore. Cleaning out your fountain regularly with vinegar and pressurized water allows you to ensure both the aesthetic form of the fountain and the proper function of the fountain in the future.