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Shades, Blinds, And Shutters: How To Choose What's Best For Your Windows

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When it comes to windows, curtains often get all the glory. However, choosing the right shades, blinds, or shutters can add style, color, and softness to a room. They may also be useful in solving window dilemmas and can stand alone where the flowing fabric of drapes may be impractical.

Billowy balloon shades

If you want to convey an atmosphere of romance, you can't beat balloon shades. With their fat puffs and billowy look, balloon shades provide the fabric abundance of drapes and will dress up even the most mundane windows.

However, balloon shades typically cover one third of the window even when they are raised to their highest position. For a dark room or a room with only one window, balloon shades may not be the best option if you prefer a lot of light.

Roman shades

Roman shades are functional and elegant. They work well in rooms that call for maximum light control and privacy. They are the most practical choice, as they offer numerous options. Choose Roman shades made with a heavy and dark fabric to use in a bedroom if you prefer complete darkness for sleeping.

Not only do Roman shades shut out light when rolled down, they also make great window insulators. Roman shades are the perfect addition to windows with architectural assets where curtains may draw attention away from the beauty of the windows.

Classic roller blinds

Roller blinds have come a long way over the years and are now available in fabric models with decorative hems and other appealing features. Classic roller blinds are often overlooked, but they are tried and true options that work well for nearly any window in your home. They are inexpensive, easy to install, functional, and they are nearly invisible when fully retracted.  

Look for reputable manufacturers who offer a lifetime warranty on the roller mechanism. Beware of selecting fabric roller blinds in checks or stripes. Since roller blinds will be raised and lowered many times, striped and checked fabrics may stretch and appear distorted over time. Solid shades or random fabric patterns work best for roller blinds.


Shutters are timeless and represent what classic decorating is all about. They offer added protection against heat and cold. Plus, they diffuse and soften harsh sunlight.

Wide-slatted shutters create a southern plantation or tropical feel. Small-slatted shutters are perfect for cottage-style decorating. For a traditional farmhouse look, choose solid shutters.

The downside to shutters is their cost. Custom-made shutters can be quite expensive. However, if cost is not a concern, shutters are durable and can be painted if you change the theme of a room.

Not all windows are created equal. Knowing whether to choose shades, blinds, or shutters for your windows can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. Making the right choice will provide the light control and privacy you prefer while enhancing the architectural design of your windows.

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