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Storing A Mattress In Self Storage? Tips For Properly Storing It

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If you are moving out of your existing home and do not know where you are moving to next or are waiting for your home to be ready, you may be placing your items in self storage. Self storage is a great option for storing belongings that you do not need right away. However, they can be dusty and if you place an item in there incorrectly, it can cause permanent damage. If you are storing a mattress in mini storage, here are a few tips on how to properly store it.

Clean It

Prior to placing your mattress in self storage, it is highly advised that you clean the mattress. Cleaning the mattress helps to remove any allergies, fungi, bugs or food particles that can cause stains or issues to develop. Fortunately, cleaning a mattress is not challenging. The easiest way to clean a mattress is to use the upholstery attachment on a vacuum and suction away as much dirt, dander and debris as you can. From there, you can either use an upholstery or steam cleaner to deep clean the mattress. Once it is deep cleaned, allow it to thoroughly dry. Do not store a mattress that is damp or it may develop mold or mildew while in storage.

Wrap It

Once your mattress is cleaned and completely dry, you will want to wrap it up. Wrapping it up helps prevent dirt, dust and pests from infiltrating it while it is stored. You can buy mattress covers designed to protect your mattress while it is being stored at home improvement stores, packing supply stores or online retailers who sell packing supplies. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, use moving plastic wrap to cover the entire mattress.

Lay It Flat

Once your mattress is clean and wrapped, it is ready to be placed in storage. When placing it in storage, you may slide it in sideways, so that it takes up the least amount of space. However, it is recommended that you place it flat on the floor of the storage unit. This helps to ensure the springs retain their shape and the mattress does not begin to sag. If you live in a humid or wet environment, lay a tarp over the concrete surface of the storage unit before laying the mattress flat for added protection against moisture or water related issues.

When you place a mattress in self storage, you want it to come out in the same condition as when it went in. Following these tips will help your mattress stay the same, ensuring it is usable and still comfortable when you are ready to move it out of mini storage and into your new home.