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Creating Custom Made Coasters To Show Off Personal Photos

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If you wish to share some of your favorite photographs with friends and family members who come to visit your home, consider making unique coasters as a way to display your favorite memories. Coasters are rather easy to make and will be perceived as fun and festive decor you will be proud to use every day. Here are some instructions you can follow to make your own photograph coasters.

Gather The Materials Needed

  • Cork board
  • Wide-mouthed glass or cup
  • Marker
  • Utility knife
  • Fabric in fun patterns or textures
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Photocopies of photographs
  • Clear spray-on acrylic

Prepare The Base Portion

Start by flipping a wide-mouthed glass or cup upside down so the lip area is resting upon a piece of cork board. Use a marker to trace around the mouth of the cup or glass. Try to place circles close together on a piece of cork board so you will have enough shapes to make several coasters. Use a utility knife to carefully cut along the areas where marker is present. 

Add The Backing

To add some color to your coasters, use pieces of fabric to adhere to the backs of each one. These will allow your guests to slide their coasters across a table with ease as well as aid in giving each one a bit of character. Again, use your wide-mouthed glass or cup as a tracing tool. Use a pair of scissors to cut along the marked lines upon the fabric. Afterward, use glue to adhere a fabric circle to one side of a piece of cork board. Continue the process with each piece of cork board you have available to make into a coaster.

Share Your Memories

Use the same glass or cup to trace circles on photocopies of your favorite photographs. Cut the photographs with a pair of scissors. Center a photo, right-side up, over the flip side of a fabric-lined piece of cork board. Use glue to stick the photo in place. Allow the glue to dry in its entirety. Afterward, spray the photograph with an acrylic sealing agent. This will help in protecting the image from becoming worn with regular usage. Cut a piece of ribbon the the length of the perimeter of a piece of cork board. It can be glued to the perimeter to give a coaster an attractive finishing touch. Make sure the acrylic and glue are completely dry before using your new pieces.

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