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Learn How To Take Your Home Gym To The Next Level With Mirrored Walls

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Creating a home gym provides you with the ability to work out whenever you have a break in your day without having to travel anywhere. While equipping the gym with great workout equipment is important, making sure you can see what you are doing at all times is just as important. If you want to be sure that you can get the best workout possible, you should have one or two walls in your home gym mirrored. The following guide walks you through the process to use when you want to create mirrored walls in your home gym.

Consider Which Walls You Want to Cover

The first thing you need to consider is which walls you want to cover in the mirrors. It is best to cover walls that do not have windows or doors if at all possible. This will cut down on the number of cuts that need to be made to the mirrors to make them fit the space well. If all of the walls have a window or door, choose to only mirror part of the wall so that you do not have to cut around a door.

Determine How Much Mirror You Need

Next, you need to take measurements to determine how much mirror you need to purchase. Decide if you want the mirror to go from the floor of the room to the ceiling or if you only want it to cover a few feet between the ceiling and the floor. You want to be sure that the mirror covers enough of the space so you can easily see yourself regardless of what workout routine you are doing—that way you can rest assured that you are doing it properly.

Be Careful When Hanging the Mirrors

When hanging the mirrors on the wall, it is important to enlist the help of others. Use strong double-sided tape on the back of the mirrors to initially put them into place. Once a mirror is stuck to the wall, use a hanging bracket on each corner of the mirror to secure it to the wall. Have someone help hold the mirror in place to ensure that it does not fall while you are putting the brackets into place.

Once all of the brackets are in place, the mirrors should be very secure. The mirrors will make it easy to see yourself when you work out and make the room look bigger as a whole.

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