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How Solve Basic Fence Security Concerns

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A fence can give you a sense of security, but sometimes that sense is false. This is because it is easy to overlook some of the security concerns a fence can pose. The following guide can help you recognize security problems with your fence so you can take steps to avoid them.

Problem #1: Easy to climb

A fence only provides security if it actually keeps people out, since an easily climbable fence can actually provide cover to someone coming onto your property uninvited. Chainlink fences are the easiest to climb, although they are see-through so they don't provide cover. To make chainlink fences harder to climb, you can install privacy slats or choose a coated chainlink.

Wood fences are often installed with the crossbars on the outside for aesthetic reasons, but this simply makes them easy to climb over. To make your fence more secure, you should either install with the crossbars on the interior, or opt for a solid panel wood or vinyl fence that doesn't have crossbars.

Problem #2: Gaps

Gaps in the fence can provide a bad guy with a way to squeeze through your fence. Picket fences are the least secure type of fence simply because the picket gaps are often quite wide enough for someone to slip through. Either skip picket style fences, or opt only for those with very narrow gaps.

Another place where gaps pose a problem is on the underside of the fence. Large gaps often occur on uneven terrain, and sometimes these gaps are large enough for a person to squeeze through. If you have this issue, either build up the ground level with landscaping, such as plants or gravel, or install a raised concrete curbing that meets the bottom of the fence.

Problem #3: Insecure gates

Potential intruders won't need to worry about climbing the fence if you simply leave a gate unlocked for them. Most gates aren't equipped with locks, so you must use a lock through the latch. Many gates are made to secure on the outside with the idea that it makes it easier for the homeowner to enter their yard. However, it's wiser to have the latch on the inside so that an intruder can't easily cut through the lock. Another option is to have an actual lock installed. There are deadbolts made specifically for use on fence gates. This simple upgrade can make even a simple fence much more secure.

For more help, talk to a fencing company, such as Harco Exteriors  LLC, about your security concerns and needs.