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Five Stone Products That Give Your Landscape A New Look

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There are hundreds of products out there that you can stick in your yard to make it uniquely your own. There are also ways to landscape your yard using various products, including stone products from companies like Harristone. Here are five stone products that can give your landscape a new look.

Engraved Headstones for Pets

Who does not bury their pets in the backyard? Anyone who has ever loved a dog or cat (or something more exotic) and lost it to death buries it in their yard. If you have a particular spot in your yard where you have buried a beloved pet, you can buy engraved headstones for pets. They are just small, inexpensive markers that remind you of some special critter's final resting place.

Curb Stone

Curbing around your flower beds has become very popular. The curb stone currently for sale is very decorative. It helps maintain your garden beds while providing them with a framing to show them off.

Tessellated Stone for Walkways

Want a prettier walkway than the city sidewalk in front of your house? Stone merchants sell tessellated stones and concrete forms for creating your own tessellated stones for your new walkway. All you need is a little concrete and/or mortar, and you have a pretty footpath up to your door.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are always a pretty addition to your yard, especially if they lead you around the gardens or up to a quiet little spot where you can relax and read. Most stepping stones are taken from riverbeds, where the running water has made them very smooth. You can also use stepping stone kits to make your very own.


If you have kid-friendly features in your yard, such as a clubhouse or a swing set, gravel helps keep the areas under and around these features from getting too muddy. There are multiple grain sizes of gravel to fit your needs. You can choose more decorative colors of gravel, too.

Brick for Walls

Sometimes a brick wall is even nicer than a PVC or wood fence. There are a lot of little decorative things you can do with brick too, such as build a brick wall planter to hold soil and flowers while keeping intruders out of your yard. Landscaping products and projects that do double duty are always a good idea. Ask a landscaper for more information and ideas for your yard, and then visit your nearest stone products shop.