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3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Fridge

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Your refrigerator is an appliance that's easy to take for granted until it stops working. Even if you're able to have the fridge repaired, the endeavor will be a bit of a hassle since you need to keep the food cold in the meantime. So, instead of waiting for the fridge to break, you are better off taking maintenance steps to keep it in good shape and prevent breakdowns. Here are three ways to take better care of your fridge.

1. Vacuum the coils.

Along the back of your fridge, you will see the coils. Refrigerant runs through the coils, discharging heat into the air, which in turn keeps the refrigerator cool. If the coils become dirty, this will impede the heat discharge process and force the refrigerator to work harder. The harder the fridge has to work, the more likely it is to breakdown prematurely. Plus, it will cost more to operate. To clean the coils, just put the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner, and suck up the dust. Try to tackle this chore at least twice a year.

2. Empty the condensing tray.

Most refrigerators have a tray along the bottom. Condensation drips into this tray. The water should evaporate on its own most of the time, but the tray can eventually grow mold, and the mold can move up into the tubes that discharge the condensation, causing blockages. The best cure is just to remove the condensate tray and wash it with bleach water every couple of months. If there is any obvious mold, scrub it away with a toothbrush. 

3. Check the gasket.

The gasket is a piece of rubber that runs along the edge of the refrigerator door. It helps the door seal to the fridge, preventing air leaks. A well-sealed gasket prevents your fridge from having to run as long, which makes it less prone to breakdowns. Many people have old, leaky fridge gaskets and don't even realize it. Take a look at your gaskets, and if they are torn or bowing away from the fridge door, replace them.

Replacing your gaskets is quite easy. You loosen the screws, pull the old gaskets out, and slide the new gaskets into place. Tighten the screws, and cut the gasket to the right length. You're finished!

By cleaning your fridge coils, cleaning the condensate tray, and checking the gaskets regularly, you can cut back on the need for repairs. If you still have questions about finding the right contractor, you can try here.