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Four Benefits Of Aluminum Window Awnings

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Adding awnings to your home's windows can provide shade and beauty, but the type of awnings you select will go a long way toward determining which other benefits you can get out of your awnings. Aluminum awnings offer several advantages over other materials, providing a versatile selection for your home. Here are just a few benefits of choosing aluminum awnings.

Strength During Storms

Aluminum can withstand wear and tear that fabric sometimes can't. This is particularly true during storms. Heavy rain can wear away at fabric, and heavy snow can cause fabric awnings to tear. With aluminum, you get the strength and durability needed to hold large amounts of snow without ripping and a surface that can withstand heavy rains. This means there's no need to retract or remove awnings during the winter or when impending storms are on their way.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum awnings require little maintenance. You'll want to use a hose to clean them from time to time, and you'll want to look for signs of rust or corrosion. However, you can use a rust inhibitor spray to extend the life of your awnings. Occasionally, you might see mud buildup that requires a bit of extra scrubbing, but this can be resolved by hiring a cleaning service to pressure-wash the awnings at the start of each season.

Energy Efficiency

The main benefit of any awning is to provide shade, and aluminum helps block the sun quite well. The solid construction means sunlight won't peek through the awning, and this results in less direct sunlight hitting your windows. By blocking direct sunlight, you can keep your home cooler in the summer to cut down on the cost of air conditioning. If you are looking for awnings to reap energy efficiency benefits, you'll want to be sure that the designs you choose are shaped to provide maximum shade. This may mean larger, longer awnings that provide ample coverage around your windows.


While aluminum awnings of the past might have been limited to certain designs, today's awnings come in a wide variety of styles to meet your home's design aesthetics. You can select low-profile designs to add a minimalist look, or you can opt for brightly colored awnings to make a style statement. You can even choose aluminum awnings with a natural metal finish to bring a bold, industrial look to a modern home.

Aluminum awnings can be a functional and stylish addition to your home. If you are looking for added shade and a new look for your house, consider adding aluminum awnings to your windows. Click to find out more about the options.