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Choosing Your Bedside Table

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Few pieces of furniture are as personal as those that populate a bedroom and bedside tables make up an important component of the bed, dresser, and chest suite of furnishings. Bedside tables (or nightstands) not only balance the appearance of the bed, but are often packed with vital items needed for comfort, health, entertainment, and storage. When it's time to choose your bedside table, care should be taken to address the below factors. Doing so will help ensure that your new table looks great, provides you with storage and stands the test of time. Read on to learn more.

A Matched Set

Some furniture shoppers prefer to purchase the entire bedroom set at once. You can often get a bargain by doing so and you can be assured that the size, color, and other attributes will pleasantly mesh. In some cases, the matching bedside tables are not what you would have chosen, however. Bedside tables do not have to perfectly match the headboard and dresser and you can even use a different table for each side of the bed. If you decide to use different tables on each side of the bed, make sure they are unified by height, color, or other elements. On the other hand, if your entire bedroom uses an eclectic mix of furniture styles, using two bedside tables that are alike can lend a pleasing look to your disparate pieces.

Table Top Area

Think about the things you want to rest on top of your bedside table to ensure room. Most people want a lamp, framed photos of loved ones, room for books and electronics, and more. If you want to a less-cluttered look, consider hanging or wall-mounted lighting options and a grouping of family photographs on a nearby wall.

Table Height

As a general rule, your tables should be the same height as your bed when it's fully made. Mattress pads and thick comforters call for taller tables. Matching the bed and table height not only looks better, but it's more convenient for accessibility. Take care to leave at least six inches between your mattress and the table to prevent accidental collisions with heads and arms during restless nights.

Table Storage

Most people are surprised at how much storage space they need in a bedside table. The more drawers and the larger they are the better. One elegant and attractive solution that has been trending lately is to use a short chest of drawers as a bedside table. This option looks fresh and provides plenty of storage.

Color and Materials

Your personal decorating credo will shine through in your choice of finishes, colors, and styles. Glass and metal looks modern and catches the light, which is helpful in smaller spaces. Heavier bedside lamps call for traditional and sturdy tables to hold them. Brass, iron, and natural wood looks contemporary but still warm.

To find the bedside table that is perfect for your bedroom, visit your local furniture store showroom.