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Landscape Maintenance That Keeps Your Property Healthy And Beautiful

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Landscape maintenance is much more than mowing the grass every week. Your lawn and plants need to be watered and nourished so they stay healthy, and trees, shrubs, and flowers need to be maintained. If you want a lovely yard, but you don't have a good track record for keeping plants alive, then you can hire a landscape maintenance service to keep your property lush and attractive. Here are some maintenance chores that need to be done regularly.

Mow, Edge, and Blow

One of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance is keeping the grass neatly trimmed. This could include weekly mowing, but mowing by itself won't do the job. Your yard also has to be edged to create clean borders around curbs, the driveway, and plant beds. Then, when the job of cutting, trimming, and edging is done, the grass clippings must be blown off the driveway and out of the street so your property is tidy.

Trim, Weed, and Replace

Trees and shrubs should be trimmed at the appropriate time of the year to promote healthy growth, encourage flower production, and prevent a shaggy appearance. This may only need to be done once a year while the trees are still young and growing. After that, the trees will need to be trimmed to remove dead and damaged branches and to keep them away from your house or to thin growth to reduce shade. Removing weeds and dead plants is an ongoing chore all year so that your yard stays attractive. If you don't know much about plants, you might not even recognize a weed, or you may think a weed is pretty until it becomes overgrown. A landscaper can identify plants and understands their behavior so troublesome weeds can be removed from plant beds. Dead plants should also be removed routinely and replaced with healthy plants or flowers.

Fertilize, Seed, and Treat

Your lawn requires fertilization to promote the healthy growth of the grass. This is usually done in the spring when grass has its growth spurt. The yard is usually treated at the same time for weed control. Your landscaper may even use a mixed product that contains fertilizer and herbicide to treat new grass seeds as they're planted. In addition, your lawn may need treatments during the growing season to kill off weeds and fill in bare spots in the grass.

A beautiful lawn is something to be proud of and relaxing to view, but it takes a lot of work to maintain unless you hire a landscape service that has the equipment and knowledge to do the job. However, if you love working outdoors and have a green thumb, then growing a lush lawn filled with healthy plants and pretty flowers is an achievement that could make you the envy of the neighborhood.