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Window Treatments And Accessories To Protect And Decorate

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Windows are an important part of your home, as they provide light to you and allow sunlight to enter and provide an attractive view to the outside. In fact, an unobstructed view to the outside is a great way to help treat and prevent depression. Because having windows on your home are so essential, but you still want to have the ability to protect your home interior, here are some window treatments and accessories you can use on your home to protect and decorate your home inside and out.

Hang Draperies

Draperies are probably one of the easiest methods to keep out sunlight from entering your windows and also provide privacy to your inside the home. Curtains or drapes can be easily hung onto a curtain rod to be opened and closed, as needed. If your goal is to block out sunlight and the sun's summer heat, be sure your draperies have a white lining so they will reflect the sun's heat back outside. A black lining will absorb the sun's radiation and warm the interior of your home.

Draperies in the winter can also be a great way for you to keep out cold drafts by reducing the transfer of heat to the outside through your windows. Window glass is an excellent conductor of heat, and you need to insulate your windows in winter with an insulative drapery. A drapery that has a front panel and an added back layer made of thick woven material will trap in air and greatly reduce heat transfer in the winter. Close your window draperies after the sun passes by the window to trap your home's heat and prevent it from escaping.

Erect Window Canopies

Exterior window canopies on the outside of your home are also a good way to improve your home's inside protection from the sun and its damaging UV rays, but they also improve your home's exterior visually. You can place a window canopy above the outside of each of your home's windows. 

Focus on installing canopies over the windows that receive direct sunlight during the day. For example, your home's windows that are east facing receive sunlight in the early morning. The windows facing south receive sunlight during the afternoon. Then, the windows facing the west will receive sunlight in the late afternoon to evening. The angle in which window canopies are installed blocks the summer sun from entering your home, which is higher in the sky and more prone to entering into your home.

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