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Two Problems That Develop With Lawn Mower Pull Cords

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Mowing grass could be a job you dread doing, but if you keep your lawn mower in good repair, you'll have fewer problems and get the job done quicker. Since a mower has a motor and other moving parts, things can occasionally go wrong that keep the mower from working. Here are a couple of things that can go wrong with the pull cord.

The Cord Breaks

As long as the mower has no other problems that led to the cord breaking, then it might be possible for you to change the cord yourself if you're handy with mechanical equipment. First, you need to buy the right replacement cord. You might have to go to a lawn mower shop for that. Then, you'll want to read the manual that came with your mower for instructions on how to change the cord. Different brands of mowers work in different ways, so you want to make sure you don't injure yourself or harm your mower when you take the components apart.

If you successfully change the cord and it breaks again, then take the mower to a shop for repair. If you're not handy and don't want to attempt changing the cord, then take your mower to a repair shop to start with. While your mower is in the shop, it's a good time to get the blades sharpened and have other maintenance work done so your mower operates smoothly the rest of the season.

The Cord Freezes In Place

A cord that won't pull and start the mower could have a number of different problems. One thing you can check yourself is to turn the mower over and look for something lodged in the blade or underside of the mower. Make sure to turn the motor off before doing so.

If the blades are clear, then the problem may be with the motor or recoil starter. You'll probably need to take the mower to the repair shop so the repair professional can take the housing and motor apart to look for the source of the problem. If the cord has been damaged, then replacing a few parts and putting on a new cord could be the solution.

Your mower may have pull cord problems as soon as you try to start it for the first mow of the spring, or the cord may suddenly snap or freeze in the middle of summer. A mower you can't start isn't any use, so taking it to the shop is a quick way to solve the problem. You may find out that something in the way you cared for the mower was to blame. For example, if you discover the mower was low on oil, you'll know proper maintenance in the future might prevent mechanical problems from happening.

To learn more about lawn mower repair, contact a professional near you.