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Window Repairs That Could Save You From Having To Buy New Windows

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If your windows are damaged or worn down, you may want to look into repairing them instead of replacing them so you can save some money. Most parts of a window can be repaired or replaced, and that can save you from a full replacement, which could be important if you have a historic home and want to keep the original windows. Here are some repairs that can be done to get your old windows back in shape.

Replace Or Repair Chipped Glass

Old window glass may be chipped, cracked, or etched and cloudy. These problems can sometimes be repaired by filling in a chipped area with clear epoxy. It's sometimes possible to use fine sandpaper to get rid of light scratches and etching. When these repairs aren't enough, a window repair service can remove the old pane of glass and put in new glass. This is a good time to choose glass that's tinted or insulated so you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, but that may only help if all windows in a room get replacement glass at the same time.

Replace Ripped Screens

Window screens get in bad shape as they age, especially if you have a dog that likes to claw at the windows. Tiny holes and rips in screens can sometimes be mended or covered with a decorative magnet. It's also fairly easy to replace the entire screen by pulling out the old screen material and putting a new screen in and holding it in place with a tool that's pushed in the frame grooves. When you get new screens, you might want to opt for the charcoal color screen because those provide some privacy by making it hard to see in from the outside.

Replace Broken Parts

Depending on the type of windows you have, you might need to repair a broken crank, frozen lock, or sash cord. Metal parts can rust or the parts that operate or lock the window can break due to age. These parts can be replaced or repaired by a window professional so the window operates normally and doesn't pose a safety hazard by being stuck in a closed or unlocked position.

Repair Sash And Frame Damage

Wood windows deteriorate slowly over time, but if you keep up with repairs, the windows can last for many years. A window repair service can replace rotted areas or fill in gouges so the windows are strong and operate properly again. Replacing rotting wood also improves the appearance of the windows and can make them look new once they've been painted.

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