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3 Tips To Choose And Care For An Interior Plant

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Interior plants can liven up your home with a burst of natural beauty. They can purify your air, release lovely fragrances, and provide a pop of color. If you've never owned interior plants before, you may need a little help getting started. Here are three things you should do when you decide to bring home a houseplant.

1. Choose a plant based on the level of sun you have available.

All houseplants are beautiful, but some thrive more readily in low light while others need full sun. Decide where you want to place your interior plant before making a purchase, then observe that spot in your house for a few days. You want to determine how much sunlight is available. If you plan to put your plant in a sunny window, you should buy a plant that thrives in a lot of light. Shadier rooms will require a plant that can survive in dimmer environments.

2. Repot your plant.

When you first purchase an interior plant, it will likely be sold in a small, plastic pot. This pot is perfect for transporting your plant home from the store, but you will likely need to repot the plant in order to give it room to thrive. Find a pot big enough for your plant that will also give it room to grow. Many people choose a decorative ceramic pot for this purpose since it will be on display in their home. Carefully remove your plant from its original pot, being careful not to rip or tear the roots. Fill the new pot halfway full with soil and then place your plant inside. You may want to loosen the roots a little with your fingers to encourage them to expand in their new home. Fill the pot the rest of the way with soil, then water it lightly.

3. Allow your plant to drain between waterings.

All plants need water to thrive, so you will have to water your interior plant on a regular basis. However, too much water can cause your plant's roots to rot. Allow your plant to drain in between watering sessions. If you're having drainage issues, you can promote drainage by mixing sand or fine pebbles in with your potting soil. You will want to place a dish under your interior plant's pot in order to catch excess water that trickles out. Empty the dish as necessary so it doesn't overflow.

To learn more, contact a company that offers interior plant services in your area.