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3 Ways To Care For Limestone Tile

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Limestone is a calcium-based stone found in bodies of water. Its natural beauty adds romance to any home, but the tiles require specific care. With careful cleaning techniques, you'll be able to keep the limestone looking like new. 

Use The Right Sealant

Everything starts with using the right limestone sealant. The proper sealant is the barrier between your floors and any damage that could happen to the tiles. Limestone is a composite of various minerals, which makes it porous. These pores are highly absorbent and require a sealant to prevent stains and damage to the stone. 

You should choose a sealant made specifically for limestone. There are different formulations based on how much protection your floor will need. Basic sealants protect against stains, whereas commercial grade sealants will include some protection against oil stains. No matter how much protection you choose, coatings come in a range of matte or shiny finishes. 

Think Soft

Both limestone and its sealants have the potential to be scratched. Using soft cleaning tools is best to prolong the life of the floor's finish. Smooth, dust style cloths are best for cleaning limestone, followed by fabric or sponge mops.

Avoid using eraser style sponges on the tiles as these sponges are abrasive and could etch the finish. Never use metal scrapers to remove debris from the tiles. 

Cleaning solutions should be limited to simple cleaners such as mild soap and water. You want to avoid using acid-based cleaners as they can erode the sealant and break down the limestone. 

Use Poultices For Stains

If you stain your tile, poultices are what you need to remove the stain. To make your own, you can use a mixture of flour and peroxide. The oxygen from the peroxide helps to lift the stain while the flour absorbs it. 

To make the poultice, mix the flour and peroxide into a paste. When you apply the poultice to the stained area, you'll want to apply it in a layer about ¼ to ⅛ of an inch thick. Wait until the paste hardens and gently scrape it from the floor. The drying process could take 24 to 48 hours. 

If your homemade poultice isn't helping, many hardware stores carry premixed poultices that target specific types of stains. 

If you run into a maintenance issue with your floor, reach out to your limestone installer. The installation specialist will provide you with tips, products, and assistance to care for any pop-up issues.