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Giving a Gift That Represents the State You Live In

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If you are looking for a unique gift to give to a friend who lives far away, consider looking right at your own state. Many people enjoy receiving gifts they are not able to get in their own area. Here are some ideas to consider.

Use the State Flower as a Base

Look up your state's flower and use this as the focal point of a gift you plan on presenting to a friend who lives afar. Contact a florist in the state where your friend lives to see if your state flower is available for purchase. Since the flower in your state is not readily available everywhere, plan on mailing the gift to your friend on your own. Flowers last for several days if they are wrapped appropriately. If you are worried about the condition of a gift that is mailed, consider using the state flower in a dried form. Dried flowers placed in a vase as an arrangement, glued upon a candle, and then painted over with a clear glaze, or glued onto a canvas as an artform are some ideas.

Give Something Edible to Enjoy

All states have particular foods that are showcased as an area treat. Consider sending one of these foods to your friend as a special gift. Head to a florist, candy shop, or convenience store to purchase snacks that are not found in all areas of the country. Check the address of packaged goods to ensure they are indeed manufactured in your state. A variety of nuts, chocolates, cheeses, or sauces all make great gifts. Your friend will enjoy indulging in trying delicacies they are not able to eat regularly. To increase the value of the gift, purchase a cookbook in your state with recipes to use the treats you select for your friend. Encourage your friend to send you pictures of the results.

Try Taking Photographs of Key Areas

If your friend enjoys the beauty of nature, take photographs of prominent areas in your state to present in an album form. This allows you to take in the features of these locations yourself so you see them first-hand. The trek to photograph interesting aspects of nature also provides you with the chance to receive inspiration in creating a gift unlike any other. Use photographs in a collage form or have them transposed onto a blanket, coffee mug, or t-shirt.

For more ideas on state-inspired gifts, contact companies like Texas State Preservation Board.