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Gift Bluebonnet Planting Kits

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Bluebonnet seeds will sprout within weeks after they are planted. The deep blue flowers that these annual plants are noted for will turn a brownish color, once the blooms have expired. Seed packets will make great gifts for horticulturists or hobby gardeners.

Seed Display Options

Consider who you will be giving the seeds to, to determine any supportive materials that will be needed to assemble a complete planting kit. For instance, if you are going to give some seeds to a person who lives in an apartment, you may want to supply the recipient with a window box or a shallow tray. This will allow the individual to plant the seeds and tend to them, either while indoors or while standing along the exterior side of a window that comprises their residence.

If you will be giving seeds to someone who has plenty of land to plant seeds, you may be more inclined to purchase a shovel, netting, and other materials that can be used to create an outdoor plant garden.

If you were motivated to purchase bluebonnet seeds, based on your childhood memories or a vacation that involved viewing mature bluebonnets, a pictorial or written display can be added to each gift. Have copies of your favorite photos made or prepare some handwritten pages that explain the meaning behind your fondness of the plant variety. Add the pictures or handwritten pages to the assortment of gifts.


Educate yourself about bluebonnets and their anticipated life cycle. This will allow you to inform your gift recipients about the proper planting techniques to use when sowing the seeds. If you haven't planted bluebonnets before, begin your own personal plant display. Take note of how long it takes for the plants to sprout.

Create a list of planting directions for your gift recipients to follow. Type up several copies of the directions. Fold up the direction sheets and attach them to the seed packets. Since seed pods will form at the end of each growing cycle, anyone who chooses to plant their bluebonnets outdoors may be able to get new plants to grow back each year.

As a lawn is mowed at the end of a growing cycle, the seed pods that are attached to each bluebonnet plant will be pierced, once a mower's blades come into contact with them. The seeds within each pod will be scattered along the ground. During the subsequent growing season, some or all of the seeds may sprout. 

As you can see, Texas Bluebonnet gift sets can make a pleasant gift for anyone.